Expat Wives and Widows to be Stripped of their UK Pension Rights

Thai wives and widows are set to be robbed of the British state pensions to which they have been entitled, in sweeping cuts  that are planned by the UK Government.

In a move that sees foreign national spouses stripped of their financial security, the British Government is expected to announce today ( Wednesday) that they will no longer be entitled to the state pension rights that a wife or widow would have, were they to be a UK resident.

The announcement, expected in the traditional Queens speech, ( In which outlines of planned changes to British Law and government are announced), is a  part of a series of austerity measures which the Coalition government expects to introduce in the coming year.

Currently if a British national marries a non British National, she has the same rights to wife and widows pension as  her counterpart in the UK but in the planned move she will no longer be entitled to any benefits,  and many expats , who have paid UK Taxes all their lives before retiring to live outside the UK will be outraged to see their wives stripped of their future financial security.

  The British Pensions Minister, Steve Webb, has already stated that “too many foreign people who have never set foot in Britain at all are receiving UK pensions.

The move which would affect over  250,000 foreign national spouses and widows around the world   is not expected to see any major objection within the UK Parliament  and hence an easy target for the ministry which has been tasked with reducing  costs.  However little thought has been  afforded to those women, many of whom are supporting the children of their  spouses and rely totally on their allowance to provide a living.

Whilst not affecting  those foreign wives residing in the UK (or UK born wives who have never worked in their lives),  Webb’s blasé statement, in advance of the Queens speech, ( National papers quote him as saying the payments are unacceptable)  has, quite frankly, been seen as insulting by the thousands of British Expats who have worked and paid into the state pensions plan, only now to see the very benefits and future family security,  for which they worked, taken away.

The savings, in many cases just 13500 baht a month for a widow,  pale in comparison to the benefits paid to  immigrants who swarm into the country  and are repaid for their, often illegal, immigration with  free housing and funding.  Decades of benefit abuse by immigrants to Great Britain  amount to billions of pounds lost to the Government but are rarely addressed by governments as “human rights” laws are imposed despite the anger of the population there.

In Thailand,  powerless Expats can only sit back and wait to see the full effect of the changes but for widows here the hatchet cuts will, in many cases, be devastating as the pensions they receive will, in many cases, be their sole source of income.

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  1. This statement makes me wonder where I stand as my Thai wife has already been give a N.I.
    number, as I read this on “The Mail Online” this will only apply to people who try to apply now.
    As of now I don’t know what the next move the present government will make,as they have
    already frozen my u.k. state pension.

  2. Can I simply say what a comfort to discover somebody that actually knows what they’re talking about over the internet. You certainly understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people need to read this and understand this side of your story. you most certainly have the gift.

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