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Music Director Tim Carr found Dead in Pattaya Home

tim c

The body of a 57 Year old American Song writer and music producer , Tim Carr, has been reported as being found in his rented South Pattaya home under what Police describe a suspicious circumstances

Recognised as one of those who helped Thai musician Sek Loso take his music from Thailand to the world and who worked with such bands as The Beastie Boys, Megadeath and Ash, the former executive with A& R records was found with deep knife wounds to the chest by his landlord who entered the home after failing to get a response at the door.

Police noted the remnants of what appeared to have been recent drug use and removed a considerable amount of prescription medicine as the body was removed for a local autopsy by Ambulance servicemen who attended the scene. Local Expats who knew him report that he had been down of heart recently.

The local Police Chief for the region attended the scene and ensured that the state of the room, which was in disarray, together with blood stains was recorded and it will now be decided at the post mortem examination exactly how he died and whether other were involved in his demise.

A facebook page has been started on Friday by friends who are still in shock at his death.


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