Pilot killed in Plane Crash at Pattaya Port during Memorial service



Pattaya:  On Saturday  late afternoon,   Police were notifed of a small microlight aircraft having collided with the pier of a new bridge at Bali Hai during a memorial service, as its occupants scattered the ashes of a friend over the bay

Pattaya  police and emergency services raced to the scene, they found local construction workers attempting to rescue two foreigners from the oil stained waters.  57 year old British man, Thomas David Grieve,  said to have been the pilot, was reported to have suffered  from broken ribs and a punctured lung and his 31 year old passenger, Scotsman  Eric Esser a broken arm, as they were rushed to Pattaya Memorial hospital for emergency treatment,  The Pilot died later in hospital.

Witenesses stated that the yellow micro lite aircraft had been circling the new construction site several times before, on its third approach, the engine seemed to cut out.  The plane itself sunk, but the two men were   assisted to the shoreline.  They had beenin  the process of scattering   ashes  over the bay as numerous small boats watched in respect of the occasion.

The remains of the microlite were recovered and brought to the shore as police took care to keep the public at a distance, to protect the 4 stroke 100 HP plane  for forensic experts to establish the cause of the accident and the British Embassy has been informed.

The Pilot, a local resident, is said to have over 15 years experience of micro lite flying all over the world and having been a pilot since his student days.  The winner of numerous awards for his flying ability, he was a member of the local Nong Pru Flying club, close to Pattaya and a fully qualified instructor. .

  Weather conditions across the bay area have been heavy for a lot of the day and winds combined with rain may have been a part of the cause, however until the plane is examined that is simply conjecture.


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