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Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page in Pattaya for worthy cause

Pattaya: The Jesters celebratory fund-raiser, takes place on saturday  at the Amari Orchid Pattaya.

Giving his time to a worthy cause, Jimmy Page, of the legendary band Led Zeppelin,   is personally donating an acoustic guitar for auction on what promises to be a Gala Party night including  a sit-down international buffet dinner with complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks and live entertainment. and,once again, its a  sold out event!

Little surprise as the entertainers for the evening have a musical pedigree that would qualify them for the”crufts of the music world” with such musicians as Len Tuckey, who in addition to managing Slade was also the lead guitarist, and ex husband of Suzie Quatro, ( and co write of some of her best songs), Tony Stevens, whose hits with Foghat are legendary and Bob Lamb who, as the drummer with Steve Gibbons, also went on to discover UB40 and Duran Duran.  Their impromptu band, BBLT,  incorporates the vocal skills of US Artist Brian Thomas to create one of the best music sounds ever heard in the city.

Bary Upton will also be appearing, alongside the Band of Smiles whose showcase is outstanding and well respected amongst Pattaya Music lover and all in all it promises to be an amazing evening for the ticket only event

To make sure that everything is 100%, the bands arrived at Leo’s blues bar in Naklua on Friday to put the finishing touches to their presentations and to get to know each other better.

Leo, the husband of the bar owner, Nang, extended the welcome from his hospital bed, where he has been driving nursing staff mad for several weeks,  to all and offered them as much time as they needed to ensure that the fund raising night is a success.

Pattaya 103 FM will be covering the event and hopes to bring you updates afterwards including the results of the mammoth auctions and lucky draws, all of which raise money alongside the numerous other events, for Jesters care for kids, One of Pattaya’s finest causes



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