ExPat killers paid by Thai wife

Regular news reader will remember the sad story of a British Ex Pat who was gunned down outside his home in  Northern Thailand.

At the time,  numerous explanations were given to the police, including an argument his wife told them about with local “mafia”.

Now, according to a British tabloid The Sun, Police have confirmed the identity of the real killers, along with the fact that it was his own cash that paid for his slaughter.   According to the paper, Stephen Phillips, 59, was shot dead by two gunmen as he rode his motorbike.

The hitmen , who fired into his abdomen and both legs before putting a bullet in his head as he struggled to his door, were directly involved with his wife.

Cops in Baan Phai, Thailand, are said to have charged his wife Wilaiwan, 29, and two Thai men with conspiracy to murder.

One man, according to the newpaper,  is believed to be her home town  lover .  “Police think Stephen, from Manchester, may have unwittingly given his wife the cash to pay for his own execution as almost £12,000 had been withdrawn from his bank account. It is also believed that he had recently taken out a £200,000 life insurance policy.”

Friends told the newspaper “He was back in the UK earlier this year and said he was not happy with his marriage.  “He had £12,000 in one bank account which he reported recently had been reduced to £300 by his wife. He was a quiet unassuming person. Apart from his marriage he loved the life in Thailand.”

Stephen moved to Asia after retiring as a rail worker in Torquay, Devon. He got married two and a half years ago in a Buddhist ceremony.

The widow  “denied any responsibility for the death but officers became suspicious of her behaviour at his funeral. She blamed his death on mafia gangsters” and, according to the article, a Thai police spokesman released further information, that  “The driver has confessed and we know the identity of the gunmen.”

the information contained in this report comes from the Sun newspaper in the UK

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