Estonian fraudsters caught in 10 Million Baht scam

Pattaya; Bangkok police arrested 2 young Estonian gang members caught in  a 10 Million baht fraud .

When two young Estonians came under the scrutiny  of Bangkok Police’s Fraud division,  the 19 and 24 year old didn’t stand a chance.

Landing in Thailand  in August, the two men, Prijatkin Maksim and Melnik Alexandre moved to various accommodation addresses  in the country before settling in Nong Prue, near Pattaya which is where they were finally arrested this weekend in an organised raid,  along with  40 forged credit cards, new computer equipment and even some of the card receipts from fraudulent transactions.

The card details that were used belonged to innocent cardholders  from the USA, UK, Finland and Korea, gleaned by telephonic or internet fraud .  Col Tamanoon Mankong and Lt. Col. Geyatesak Sattongoy coordinated the Fraud squad and found evidence that over 10 Million baht had already been stolen either in cash withdrawals or in purchases in the area.

This follows last weeks capture of two Turkish visitors, operating a similar scam , in that case the estimated amount was one million baht.

The senior police investigators, who are working on this case, took both men into custody and plan to establish whether they are a part of an organised gang or working on their own, however all indications are that they were effectively “runners” for a much larger and well organised concern.  The Embassy of Estonia will be duly notified and Thai Police will attempt to  work closely with Estonian Authorities.

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