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Hot Rod drug dealer arrested

Pattaya; Police take one more drug dealer off the streets this week 

Maybe it was a case of vehicle jealousy, but when police arrested a small time drug dealer in the city, he quickly supplied them with more than just a few pills.  Instead, to assist them with their enquires, he gave them the name of his supplier, and his car details to enable a quick arrest.

In a successful sting, Pattaya Police first watched the car as it cruised  before stopping behind a central city temple.  There Police made sure that the high powered car wasn’t goin anywhere before searching the  35 year old man and his 19 year old girlfriend.

In a final attempt to “get out jail” he produced a card that said he was a Civil Defense Volunteer and claimed that he was working for the government.  But police were more interested in what he had in his pockets and car than his cover story.

Unsurprisingly Police found what they expected, a stash of Amphetamine tablits and a supply of Yabba Ice, along with the accessories needed to pump it into someones system.

Along with the drugs, the man and his girlfriend were taken into custody, to join the growing band of drug dealers in Thailand’s jails.  His modified, high speed  car   was also  taken away for further inspection

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