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Destitute wife turns to crime after Druggie Husband jailed


Sattahip:  Police found themselves raiding a laundry basket for drugs this week in Sattahip

When her husband was pinched for dealing drugs on a grand scale, the high life disappeared for his  29 year old wife.   With no money coming into the home and a bunch of hungry mouths to feed.  She turned decided to turn the same tricks as her Husband, albeit on a smaller scale.

Neighbours in the housing block near Sattahip, south of Pattaya City, reported her as dealing in illegal drugs and  Sattahip Police visited her home.

It just seemed like a normal, everyday room.   Tidy, neat and not much to see.   But neighbours had told the police that she was peddling drugs to local users including teenagers and that she had a secret way of concealing her wares, so that they weren’t easily found.

Investigators found a neatly re-designed bra  which had a special compartment built in to the padding.  Not to enhance her beauty but to hide her stash.   And she went quickly from a 32 DD to  a 32 AAA  as officers recovered the drugs..

She was charged with  “Possession for sale” of  30 tablets  and  2 grams of powdered Ice, after officers found even more drugs hidden in her laundry basket.

In her statement she admitted dealing in drugs and said that she had resorted to doing so after her husband was jailed for possession of several thousand pills this year


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