DEET did not kill Canadian Sisters

In June this year, two Canadian sisters Noémi Bélanger, (25), and Audrey Bélanger, (20) travelled to Thailand and to a resort on Phi Phi Island.   After a night out on the beaches, the two girls were not seen again until a hotel maid used her pass key to access their room and found them both dead.

Thai authorities took the matter quickly into hand and, working together with the Canadian Embassy, investigated the deaths thoroughly and completed a series of forensic exams to establish  the cause of death before the sisters were returned to their homeland.

At that time and subsequently, authorities have honoured the reported wishes of both the Canadian Embassy and the family of the deceased by not revealing the contents of their reports.  However a pair of “keen” Canadian reporters claimed to have gained unique access to the reports and went on to report that the girls had been killed asa result of  ingesting DEET, a chemical compound usually applied to the skin to dissuade Mosquitoes from biting.

The story made world headlines despite  Local reports that any information the journalists might have gained could well have been misinterpreted in translation .  Even when eminent toxicologists pointed out that the amount a person would have to digest for  them to die from Deet poisoning was massive, they were sidelined .

Now Canadian Pathologists have confirmed, in a coroner’s report, that the levels of Deet, a pesticide,, found in the bodies of two dead sisters was NOT the cause of their death.

In Quebec . a coroner ruled that their deaths were accidental, caused by some form of poisoning, and that   Its likely that they had indeed ingested something which had poisoned them, but it was not DEET as the concentration of DEET within their bodies was not sufficient to have been fatal

The sisters from Pohénégamook, Canada., had only just arrived on the Thai Island and were last seen partying with two Brazilian friends in the early morning of June 13.  Those friends have subsequently left the kingdom.

At the time,  investigators reported that there were no signs of anything untoward having happened involving other parties in their room, but there was evidence that they had suffered from a toxic reaction to an unknown substance

According to Canadian newspapers,; “Dr. René Blais of Quebec’s poison control centre said the DEET concentration reported by the Thai pathologist doesn’t correspond to a concentration that would be toxic, “let alone a concentration that would be fatal.”

Secondary autopsies were conducted in Montreal, but the results haven’t been released.

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  1. In my humble opinion; how hard would it have been to trace & track those two Brazilian chaps who were last seen partying with these 2 sisters.
    My goodness; we have fairly sophisticated digital info. systems here in Thailand at airports & via Immigration. These boys could possibly give some pretty accurate information as to what transpired there during the party, not to mention any food ingested by the girls (puffer-fish etc. ?).
    There must be many pictures among which those two boys-from-Brazil must surely feature ?!?! Some very basic but thorough detective work would have been able to clear-up this “mystery” a long time ago . . . . . .

  2. story I heard from some ppl knowing phe phe island: some rasta tried to take them both and filled them up with shit to make them more easy….

    so all we know is how they NOT died….I would finally hear an explanation WHY the poor girls have to die ….
    (post edited)

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