British and American Teachers found dead in Thai home

PATHUM THANI – English and  American teachers found dead in Pathum Thani Rooms on Saturday Morning

Thirty Five year old Charlie Milsom from Britain and 40 year old American  Jonathan Louis were both discovered in a rented condominium.  Reports indicate that the two were discovered in an upright, sitting,  position and showed signs of vomiting, they had, according to reports, been dead for up to ten hours before the grim discovery.

With absolutely no signs of a struggle in the room, the bodies of the two English language tutors were found in a relaxed and natural position as if simply watching television.

Mr. Milsom, a Yorkshire man by birth,  studied for both a BA and HND in graphic design in the UK, before moving to Thailand where he taught computer studies and Graphics.  A well known photographer he had travelled the length and breadth of the nation taking photographs which were often used by agencies.  Up until a few years ago he had been working as a teacher in Bangkok.

Thamakorn Apison, a close friend of Mr. Louis, is said to have explained that she and Mr. Louis had been living together for 14 years and had occupied the condominium where the two men were found, for two year.    The two men, who were friends, had gone to the home and she had returned in the morning.  Finding the door locked, she asked a security guard to open it and it was then that the two men were found, dead. told police that she had been living with Louis at a school in a local shopping mall for 14 years and they moved to the condominium two years ago.

Ms Thamakorn said both men, who were friends, went into the room the night before. The next morning, she discovered that the door was locked so she asked a security guard to unlock it. It was then that the two were found dead. In the room, which was in a normal tidy fashion, officials found a single pack of Diazepam.

Police and emergency services confirmed that the men had been dead for hours.  The bodies were removed for forensic examination and both the British and American Embassies have been informed.

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  1. It seems every time a foreign national dies ,which I see more frequently lately , there’s no suspicious circumstances ??yea right ..(please note.. the 103 report doe not say that)

  2. Why would two grown men watching telly or whatever, with one likely to leave at any time, lock the door? Why did the woman not have a key to her own door? Where was she? What time did she leave the two?

  3. Why she didnt have the key to the apartment if she lives there? Diazepam wouldnt kill adults unless they both drank at least 10 pills . Why would 2 men drank diazepam and sit watching tv? To many question and odds which normally indicate murder and in this case poisoning could be the murder weapon since poison is very common used by female suspects.

  4. i guess she didn’t take the key on purpose why ? so she could ask somebody to open the door and that the somebody can be witnessing of the scene so that thai wife is save. this seems like total set up.

  5. You can leave the key stuck from inside in the lock, so make it impossible to open from outside. Its not uncommon to lock your door at an Apartment complex or is it, also you look inside TV!
    The question is, where had she been Overnight?

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